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The interface between the employee and the MES: Collecting online data and retrieving information.

Cosmino WorkerPoint

Cosmino WorkerPoint is a browser-based and touch-optimised online dialogue for software-supported activities in production. Online dialogue is therefore usually used on the machines or other workspaces directly.
Cosmino WorkerPoint turns each workplace into a multifunctional collection and information platform which makes all the important information and functions of the Cosmino module used available at the touch of a button. For this, each dialogue is accordingly configured to the requirements.

Scope of Application

With Cosmino WorkerPoint, employees access a variety of functions and information via one single web interface and report the data.

Via a machine connection (see Cosmino MachineConnector), the online dialogue can already be provided with a portion of the data to be collected. But even purely manual data collection without machine connection is not an issue in Cosmino WorkerPoint.

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Cosmino WorkerPoint provides the following functions, as long as the respective Cosmino modules are in use. Each used dialogue can be individually configured to the process and the respective task:

  • Viewing machine and production order data (product, quantities, running times, cycle, plant status, losses…)
  • Shows target/actual comparison of quantities, cycles and order running times, current calculation of how long the order is going to last
  • Recording reasons for downtimes and cycle slowdowns (see Cosmino OEE)
  • Manual recoding of operating data, if there is no machine connection (see Cosmino OEE)
  • Documenting set-up times (see Cosmino OEE) and tool changes (see Cosmino ToolControl)
  • Generating ready messages for the ERP system
  • Activating quality reviews automatically and recording the outcome (see Cosmino ProControl)
  • Display of test values, control charts, documents… (see Cosmino ProControl)
  • Supply of instructions and other documents, connection of a document management system
  • Monitoring process and machine parameters (pressure, temperature…) with warnings in case of limit value transgressions (see Cosmino ConditionMonitor)
  • Digital workplace-related evaluations and reports (see Cosmino DynaMon)
  • Recording shift/employee change and adapting staff-related clocking (assembly lines) (see Cosmino Productivity)
  • Recording staff times and activities (see Cosmino Productivity)
  • Making and monitoring workplace-related suggestions for improvement and immediate measures (see Cosmino ImproveMan)
  • Automatically activating and handling / confirming planned audits (see Cosmino AuditMan) and maintenance / cleaning activities (see Cosmino PreventiveAction)
  • Holding meetings directly at the workplace and having access to information via Cosmino WorkerPoint
  • Entering and tracking work in process (WIP) (see Cosmino Traceability)
  • Entering and tracking materials and preliminary products (see Cosmino Traceability)
  • Overview of machine statuses on the hall/plant layout
  • Dialogues for multiple machine operation

Your Benefits

  • A single online dialogue for various tasks (information, collection, control, maintenance…)
  • Always up-to-date, since real-time based
  • All automatically and manually recorded data are available in a transparent manner and across all shifts (for shift change, consultation, auditing, production managers, maintenance and repair…)
  • Real-time display of various figures
  • Fast reaction with alarms which can also be triggered by manual entries
  • Information platform for the employee
  • Reliable data through automatic data review (validation) and optional, password-protected login / logout for employees
  • Promoted sense of responsibility for machine and product quality by the employee, since he or she is involved in the exchange of information
  • Applicable in a flexible manner without the installation of client software on all devices with Microsoft Internet Explorer (traditional PC, industrial PC with touch surface or tablet computer)
  • Paperless factory
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