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How Cosmino Software Adapts to Our Customers’ Transformation Path to the Smart Factory

How Cosmino Software Adapts to Our Customers' Transformation Path to the Smart Factory
Over the last ten to fifteen years, the requirements placed on production companies in terms of flexibility and effectiveness have increased dramatically. Along with this, the systems we now call MES have also evolved enormously.

A clear picture emerges from the current trends and lighthouse projects: In the future, the smart factory will have autonomous, self-controlling production units. This will lead to a change in software support and thus in the entire architecture of manufacturing execution systems (MES).

In the future, COSMINO AG will therefore define the Cosmino MES Plus software solution as a platform on which various MES functions are managed independently in the form of micro-applications. The ability to communicate with this platform - also for external systems - is already available through standard transactions.

In current projects Cosmino MES is already integrated more closely into the control of production processes than ever before. This requires solid data and logics for each autonomous production unit. With Cosmino MES Plus, this task is reliably performed by the digital twin. It offers communication options with third-party systems that will not only result in MES-supported factory control but also in new visualization concepts.

There is no getting around Industry 4.0 – we are well prepared: