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MES as the Driving Force for the Continuous Improvement Process and Industry 4.0

A report from the Automation Meeting 2015 in Böblingen, Germany, where COSMINO AG participated both as exhibitor as well as speaker for a workshop organized by the MES Association for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (MES D.A.CH Verband e.V.). The Automation Meeting 2015 recorded nearly 2,500 visitors. COSMINO AG’s booth played host to a corresponding number of guests. “We were able to make a lot of interesting contacts. Many visitors came directly to us immediately after our workshop”, as Werner Pospiech, Head of Sales, summarized the event. The CEO of COSMINO AG, Frank Egersdörfer, presented many of the challenges of establishing the Continuous Improvement Process during the workshop, entitled “MES as the Driving Force for the Continuous Improvement Process”. The challenge in establishing the Continuous Improvement Process is less about introducing it and rather in keeping it a living process, because continuous improvement always relies heavily on employee participation.   04232015-en-image   As part of the workshop, Frank Egersdörfer established analogies between this and Industry 4.0, because the important consideration for both CIP and Industry 4.0 is about getting the organization to participate, and the employees along with it. The details of the techniques and technologies used are ultimately secondary considerations for the users. When asked about the ideal workplace, one operator responded, “a screen for all activities and a system that provides information regarding anything related to the tasks at hand”. Cosmino MES Plus provides this capability and, in addition to visualizing the data and KPIs, also depicts the entire Continuous Improvement workflow. The operators are involved in the system, can make decisions based on the information provided and contribute their own knowledge. This way each analysis or report becomes the start for an improvement measure leading to an improvement process that really does work. spacer_620_1 The entire video of Frank Egersdörfer’s workshop can be found on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9uXIZkBK0I (in German) For more reports from Automation Meeting 2015, click the following link: https://www.automatisierungstreff.com/ (in German)
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