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Tracing and Identifying Finished Parts using Cosmino Traceability

Since end of 2014, the module Cosmino Traceability has been completely integrated into the existing Cosmino MDA and MES user interfaces. The seamless integration simplifies interaction with other Cosmino MES features, like process and idle time monitoring, quality assurance and energy management. Cosmino Traceability provides information about the identities and unit counts of the materials and intermediate components that have been combined to create the final product and the time point when they were combined. The history of a processing unit is also associated with other information, such as quality assurance data, process and operational information, identification of work centers and time stamps. Combining such historical information makes products completely traceable through each step of the manufacturing process. At the same time, the exact status of a product during the processing and manufacturing process becomes highly transparent. The ability to trace components becomes even more crucial in the case of customer complaints as it will improve the speed of finding any affected products and the targeting of any recall measures that might be necessary. Logging the component materials and reporting each individual part will also provide additional support for precise management of inventories in the ERP system. image-traceability

Illustration: Identifying a product using Cosmino Traceability during assembly

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