Logging of Process Status as well as Order and Material Tracking

Cosmino Traceability

Cosmino Traceability makes it possible to trace and track units in the Production department. To do this, the software models your process steps. Starting with the incoming materials, units, batches or order; all of those are tracked on their way through the manufacturing process and notifications are provided after each step. Especially in the case of customer complaints, the ability to trace components becomes crucial, as it will improve the speed of finding any affected products and triggering of well-targeted recall measures if necessary.

Areas of Application

By searching the downstream flow, you can discover which finished products have been produced based on specific starting components and incoming materials. By searching upstream, you can identify the starting components and materials used for the selected finished products, batches or orders.

Processing units can be uniquely identified using a tracking number (such as the product or sequence number). This identifying number will then point to a record with all of the acquired information, such as the performed quality inspections (qualitative and SPC), process and operational data, involved work centers, time stamps, starting components and materials, tools used and so on. The various available evaluation and filter settings make it possible to draw conclusions about the units potentially affected by defective components.

In particular, automotive suppliers are currently finding traceability to be a very desirable feature. However, beyond the automotive sector the advantages of product traceability applies to a variety of industries, which consider product liability to be an important issue.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



  • Flexible tracing of information about products and processes through various Cosmino data acquisition methods or through importation from other systems
  • Identification of units using unique tracking numbers with the help of barcodes and other modern identification technologies, such as RFID
  • Cosmino Traceability is completely integrated into the existing MDA and MES user interfaces. This makes easy interaction with functions such as process and downtime monitoring, quality assurance, energy management and other systems possible
  • Modeling of the individual process steps and workflows with automatic adjustments to the inventory reserves for the respectively responsible processing stations (such as the next step in the process or re-processing stations)
  • Support for the inventory management in the ERP system through immediate notification about the order status
  • Information can also be reported to other systems, such as a Just-in-Time supply chain system
  • Automatic generation of reports using the browser-based Cosmino reporting system
  • Complete listing of all data about a final product through the upstream search, such as from the finalized product back to the raw materials
  • Discovery of which products were created from certain raw materials using the downstream search
  • Identification of affected units based on all process and product characteristics

Your Benefits

  • Timely recall of products when quality defects are recognized and prevention of potential claims based on product liability based on such defects
  • Automated data acquisition about processing units through the use of identification technologies like RFID or label scanning
  • Increased data objectivity in your ERP system (such as inventory management), since each operating sequence is immediately sent to connected third party system interfaces
  • Detection of longer idle times between the work steps and large buffers in the lines, which leads to the ability to reduce throughput time and work-in-progress inventories
  • Increased customer satisfaction, because individualized information requested by customers is available in a timely manner
  • Transparency into location and corresponding production status of a product by the person responsible for manufacturing

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