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Tracking Work Hours Worked by Employees for the Determination of Premium Wages and Productivity

As of the current version, the Cosmino Productivity module has been completely integrated into Cosmino MES Plus. The Cosmino Productivity module tracks the hours worked by employees and their activities as they work with machines and at workstations. Employee productivity can be determined using the resulting information. Employee productivity has been defined in VDMA Standard Sheet 66412 as an MES key figure and represents processing time in relation to the overall employee work hours. It provides an indicator for the amount of effective work performed by the employees. For employees working at several workstations simultaneously, their working time is divided between the individual workstations. The total working hours will be determined by the time when an employee logs into and out of the system. This process may be done anonymously through user groups and automated using identification technology, such as RFID. A variety of activities can be assigned to the user, such as production, repairs, cleaning of machines and so on. The working hours determined using this method can then be reported to the ERP system or the (premium wage) payroll system. EN-Mitarbeiterproduktivität-Übersicht

Ill. 1: Monthly productivity figures for selected lines. Using “stoplight” colors for the analysis makes the key figures easier to read. 


Ill. 2: Employee Productivity History displays the last 12 months as well as the figures for the previous years.

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