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Labor Time

Monitor productivity including time recordings by production order.

Cosmino Productivity

Only when in conjunction with a productivity key figure is the OEE really significant.
Therefore, at least the time required for employees involved directly in the production process should be recorded ideally in terms of certain defined work steps.

Areas of Application

Cosmino Productivity is a module of the Cosmino Suite. Application is the easy and quick recording of labor time directly on the production workplace. The recorded data is made by either machine readable paper documents or through the online-dialog of the Cosmino WorkerPoint module.

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Overview of the most important functions of Cosmino Productivity:

  • Automatic transfer of time data from a wide range of other systems
  • Calculation of productivity key figures such as
    – Employee time per manufactured piece
    – Produced units per time period
    – Plan versus actual time
  • Automatic transfer of work hours to external systems such as an ERP or wage premium calculation tool
  • Full integration of productivity key figures into the automated Cosmino DynaMon reporting system

Your Benefits

Your benefits of using Cosmino Productivity at a glance:

  • More precise evaluation of efficiency through the simultaneous consideration of effectiveness and productivity
  • Less additional effort for time recording, as it is easy and flexible to operate
  • No additional effort whatsoever for extended reporting by fully automated evaluations
  • Automatic integration of the target management into OEE reporting with escalation notification
  • Linking productivity key figures with improvement measures through Cosmino ImproveManager
  • Increased employee motivation through the implementation of performance-based wage premiums

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