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Recording Staff Times for Work Sequences and Plants for Productivity Review

Cosmino Productivity

The recording of staff requirements in the production of goods allows to draw conclusions for the calculation and to carry out a productivity review. The machine figure OEE is only really informative in conjunction with a productivity figure.

A recording of staff times and operations also allows to calculate incentive wages.

Areas of Application

Quick and easy recording of staff times and operations for a production order directly at the production workplace with Cosmino Productivity: the actual staff requirements are (anonymously) linked to order and runtime data and are available for figure calculation (productivity).

Multi-machine operation is taken into account. Likewise, cycle specifications in the workplace can depend on the number of employees involved.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



  • Attendance times on the machine are recorded and can therefore be assigned to the order runtime
  • Login with individual staff number or group login
  • Password-protected login
  • Support of automatic staff identification, e.g. with RFID
  • Distinction of operations (directly and indirectly for the order) when logging into the machine
  • Multi-machine operation and workplaces where several employees work simultaneously are supported and offset correctly
  • Number of employees as influencing factor for the target cycle in the workplaces (OEE calculation)
  • Automatic incorporation of staff times from existing staff time recording is possible
  • Calculation of productivity figures, such as
    – Staff time per finished part
    – Working time / total attendance time (VDMA standard 66412 for MES figures)
    – Work plan schedule for order / attendance time for order (as accurate as possible)
  • Transfer of staff times to ERP or (premium) wage calculation systems (or the Cosmino module for incentive wage calculation)

Your Benefits

  • Staff costs can be assigned to a specific order
  • Minute-based login and logout (high accuracy)
  • The personal login of operators require reliable software and machine operation and compliance with process guidelines
  • Transparency and clarity for the hours worked, even if an employee works on several machines at the same time or if several employees work together on one machine
  • Transparency and traceability of historical data
  • Simplifies the billing of the recorded times (automation of the billing)
  • If several employees are simultaneously incorporated in operations at one work station, the OEE is informative only in conjunction with a productivity figure
  • Higher employee motivation with a performance-based structure of wages and premiums
  • Self-monitoring of payroll accounting for the employee
  • Simplifies staff planning

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