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Cosmino Digital Twin Easily and Individually Visualizes Key Figures on the Shopfloor

Digital Twins of a real object play a leading role in the acquisition of data from a data source – and thus also in the distribution of this data to acquisition dialogs, visualization dialogs and external systems. An important aggregation level of collected data are key figures. If an external system or a Cosmino application is to display these key figures, this is done via the Digital Twin data hub.

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Cosmino Digital Twin for Methodical Acquisition of Process Characteristics

Cosmino MES and the Digital Twin offer new advantages: If process data from machines and production lines are available as a result of digitization, an analysis of this data promises optimization potential for the entire material flow. A meaningful concept for process data requires a system architecture designed for “Big Data” and the creation of semantics when storing the values …

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Production Data Acquisition: Precise Data Entry Concerning the Use of Materials and Blanks – Fewer Surprises During Stocktaking

The Cosmino software has long since offered the additional option for the entry of other consumable materials or the mounting of specific pre-products with their own serial number in an assembly group. A new feature is that faulty quantities can even be entered in the machine dialog for each individual component from the parts list of the current order.

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