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Overview of All Pending Orders at a Machine

Knowing the next upcoming orders on a machine is an advantage in order to prepare the appropriate material or tool in time. Cosmino MES and PDA therefore includes as a new feature an interface that displays the production orders imported from an ERP system or a planning tool for each machine, sorted chronologically according to the planned start date.

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Considerable interest in the professional integration of an MES system in the area assembly – successful participation in the 13th ZeMA Assembly Conference 2021 on April 22nd, 2021

Right now, the integration of the assembly process into the IT environment of the company at the infrastructure level is indispensable for manufacturing companies if they want to keep pace with the competition and with audits, for example. René Grabowski, Head of Sales, gave a lecture with the title: “MaMa knows best – how an intelligent software solution reduces the workload of assembly workers and reduces errors”.

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Organizing Maintenance Cycles on Machines Precisely Using Runtime Hours or Produced Quantities

Continuous counters in Cosmino MES Plus allow runtime hours and runtime quantities to be monitored. Thus, in addition to calendar time, these factors can also be used for maintenance, as more intensively used machines require more frequent cyclical (maintenance) activities. Notifications after individually defined trigger events simplify the scheduling of preventive actions.

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