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Cosmino Informational Event a Complete Success for Organizers and Participants

“Transparent Manufacturing: Acquisition of Operational Data and Reporting for Continuous Improvement Systems and Shop Floor Management” was the topic of COSMINO AG’s informational event held on July 21, 2015 at the Sheraton Carlton in Nuremberg, Germany. A total of twenty-nine participants from various companies and industries gathered at the event to hear exciting lectures about the topics of Industry 4.0, KPIs for Manufacturing Companies and Efficient Management of the Continuous Improvement Process followed by an in-depth software presentation. One of the topics covered Cosmino DynaMon, a ready-to-use KPI reporting system which the guests were able to try out for themselves during the breaks thanks to its easy to understand and intuitive usability. The fact that a quality factor can be identified for the metrics was news for many participants. Such a quality factor makes it easy to determine the completeness and reliability of the values used for the calculation of reported metrics. Lunch was followed by practical presentations of available data acquisition methods. An option to quickly obtain reliable data when no connections to machines and no electronic data entry devices are available, is the use of machine-readable documents. This enables cost-effective acquisition of production data where connections to machines do not yet exist. Our automated acquisition of the documents, using the Cosmino IntelliScan software module, convinced many participants that the first step to comprehensive data acquisition could be mastered quickly and easily. COSMINO AG’s human-machine interface (HMI) dialog, called WorkerPoint, was also a topic of interest for the participants. This touch panel interface provides support to directly acquire machine data that can be enriched with supplementing information provided by machine operators. At the same time, the WorkerPoint serves as an information platform for the operators. Of course, the event participants were also able to test this software module for themselves. 0044_Bild Roadshow für Veröffentlichung We would like to thank each and every one of the attendants for their engaged participation and the great feedback we received. The following represents some of the statements made by our guests. “It couldn’t be simpler. Great idea. You’ve got to use Cosmino IntelliScan.” “A fresh, lively presentation oriented on real-life practices.” “I would highly recommend this to my company and our own MES project.” “The software is precisely what is required.” “Very well organized with a comfortable atmosphere.”