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Automated Business Intelligence Tool for Standardized Analyses

Cosmino DynaMon

Standardized reporting for solid facts is one of the most important tools for control of manufacturing and production logistics.

This key figures management system has already achieved benchmarks in some companies:

• Lowest requirement for user familiarization
• Lowest operating cost per generated analysis

Areas of Application

Cosmino DynaMon performs calculation and presentation of technical figures from production, as well as distribution and explanation of such reports and numerous other evaluations.

Cosmino customers benefit from a large number of prepared reports that are readily available from installation and can be directly used. However, you are not required to dispense with individuality, neither in terms of evaluations nor in terms of presentation. All evaluations in DynaMon can be adjusted and additional reports may be defined.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



  • Automatic (time-controlled) and standardized creation of the defined reports
  • Ad-hoc calculations of spontaneous reports for individual periods, production areas, processes, specific products or types of losses
  • Own definitions of evaluations
  • Compilation of a personal list of favorites for relevant evaluations
  • Support of near-real-time data collection using Cosmino collection modules or import of data from other systems
  • After validation, recorded data and the master data reference are shifted to a data warehouse by means of an ETL process (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • This ensures chronologically accurate mapping, also of master data modifications (e.g. cycle time changes, relocation of machinery to other departments, etc.)
  • Reports are available everywhere in the company (by internet browser) through the company network and have been optimized for touch screen use
  • Easy handling of the report
  • Mapping of the hierarchy levels by drill-downs (TopDown/BottomUp)
  • Formation of clusters (e.g. by processes, machine type…) for benchmarking reports even possible across several sites
  • Further links within an evaluation for consideration of neighbouring dimension elements (e.g. drill-across, drill-through)
  • Integration of target management including escalation monitoring and visualization of the degree to which the target is reached
  • Integration of measures management to establish a measure based on the report that is automatically connected to the figure and the value (see Cosmino ImproveMan)
  • Digital visualization of the reports at the work places or info screens
  • Automated printing of all diagrams for paper-based shop floor visualization
  • Exporting of evaluations to MS Excel or PDF
  • Integration of automatically generated reports into your intranet or your Microsoft SharePoint by calling up the report via hyperlink

Your Benefits

  • Objective facts, always up-to-date, centrally available and uniform for all users
  • No more time spent on issuing and compiling reports
  • Focus on critical data and figures
  • Uniform report layout – clearly identifiable throughout all hierarchical levels
  • Large number of prepared standard evaluations and reports, directly available
  • Customizable evaluations, since data are compacted and processed on the basis of pre-set criteria
  • Easy-to-understand evaluations, not only for controllers and engineers
  • High degree of availability of evaluations in your network
  • Viewing of evaluations on mobile devices
  • Digital shop floor visualization
  • Transparent and comprehensible figures, from the highest aggregated figure (e.g. factory OEE) through drill-downs and to the losses in every individual plant (plant OEE)

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