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Reporting & Key Figures

Automated reports with integrated management of targets and measures.

Cosmino DynaMon

A standardized and automated reporting system is widely regarded as one of the most important pillars of successful business management. This includes the calculation and presentation of technical key figures from production as well as distribution and an explanation of other evaluations. The core requirements for a well-functioning reporting system are:

  • Standardized methods for data collection
  • Objectivity and timeliness of the data collected
  • High availability of evaluations
  • Comprehensiveness of evaluations
  • User-oriented reports for workers, management, etc.

Areas of Application

Cosmino DynaMon is a module of the Cosmino Suite. It combines a comprehensive, well-proven and award-winning reporting system with sophisticated key figure management.

As one of the first fully automated reporting systems for technical key figures, Cosmino DynaMon has set market standards and is perceived both by competitors and customers as a benchmark.

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Below are only some of the smart functions of Cosmino DynaMon:

  • Automatic data transfer from other Cosmino modules and external data sources
  • Centralized and fully automated creation of reports and evaluations
  • Ready-to-use standardized reports with the option to add customized reports
  • Can be used from any networked workstation because evaluations are visualized in a web browser (PC and mobile devices)
  • Chronological mapping of master data changes (e.g. cycle time alterations, relocation of equipment to other departments, etc.)
  • Top-down and bottom-up target management with integrated escalation warnings and intuitive visualization of achievement rates
  • Enables continuous benchmarking even across multiple production sites and includes options for clustering
  • Integrated matrix to monitor and compare Machine Setup times and processes

Your Benefits

Your benefits of using Cosmino DynaMon include the following:

  • Easy to understand reports that have won multiple awards
  • Focused on decisive data and key figures
  • Readily available and always up-to-date reports
  • No manual time whatsoever required for creating reports
  • Individualized evaluations, as data is compressed and processed according to preset criteria
  • Automated printouts of all graphics for a paper-based shop floor visualization
  • Automatic transfer of fixed targets into all charts
  • Option to enforce documentation and evaluation of measures for specified reports and key figures
  • All metrics are interlinked – from the highest aggregated figure (for example Factory OEE) to the losses of each single production facility (Machine OEE)
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