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Automatically Enter Data Using Handwritten Documents

Cosmino IntelliScan

The collection of production data using handwritten documents has been proven in the manufacturing industry for many decades. In particular at locations without computer and network or power connections, handwritten document entry is often the only choice. The advantages appreciated by many companies are the ease of use, high flexibility, corrections easily made as well as legal security due to the employee signature.

However, a manual data transfer process (manual data encoding) is not only time-consuming, but also particularly prone to errors. Therefore, a typical goal for data collection is a more efficient approach without losing the advantages of paper-based data entry.

Areas of Application

Cosmino IntelliScan is a module of Cosmino Suite, which automates and streamlines the entry of hand-written production documents (e.g. from process control charts, fault tally sheets to OEE-forms etc.) with a standard document-scanner or all-in-one device reliably, precisely and cost-saving.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



Cosmino IntelliScan is the only solution on the market that is fully optimized for production data entry (e.g. from process control charts, error log sheets, OEE forms, etc.). The system links unique precision with a comprehensive functionality:

  • Manage your documents
  • Print your documents at the push of a button
  • Automatically enter data from hand-written filled in documents via a document scanner

Your Benefits

  • Cost-effectiveness, as the documents of the entire operation can be quickly, simply, and reliably entered using one PC and scanner
  • High data quality, as a plausibility check is performed and even soiled, wrinkled, and torn documents can be reliably entered
  • Significant time savings, as data entry and document archiving take place automatically in a single work step
  • Verifiably a much faster “Return on Investment!
  • Minor training effort, as data entry documents are individually customized for every customer
  • Rationalization: available documents can be combined, standardized, and streamlined – maintaining the same information density.
  • Central, paperless management of all documents and document contents
  • High flexibility, as different document types can be processed in one scanning process without presorting (e.g. fault tally sheet, quality control chart, audit questionnaires, OEE documents).

Learn more about Cosmino IntelliScan

Learn more about Cosmino IntelliScan

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