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Organizing Maintenance Cycles on Machines Precisely Using Runtime Hours or Produced Quantities

Maintenance and other cyclical activities on machines are not only planned using calendar time, but often also using runtime hours as well as runtime quantities. This is because if a piece of equipment is used frequently, the maintenance windows must be set more tightly than for machines that are hardly ever used.

The task of Cosmino MES Plus is to monitor runtime hours and quantities per machine. In order to make these machine-related counter values transparent and usable for monitoring in the future, for each machine a continuous counter for produced quantities and a continuous counter for runtime hours are now included.

Any number of trigger events can be defined on these counters to determine after how many runtime hours or generated quantities you want to be reminded of a certain maintenance activity. Several different notifications on one counter are possible to monitor any number of different cycles per machine.

This preventive action can then be taken directly afterwards. In combination with the Cosmino PreventiveAction extension module, instruction texts and illustrations can additionally be displayed at the machine acquisition dialog and the execution time can be recorded and evaluated.

The new machine counter monitoring feature will be available with the next major release in the first quarter of 2021. If you are interested in this or in Cosmino PreventiveAction, please contact your account manager or our sales department.