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Precisely Documented Staff Costs Regarding Orders – with Cosmino Productivity

The logging of staff requirements during the production of goods allows insights to be gained for the costing calculation as well as an expert OEE- and productivity review for each machine. After all, manual work continues to play a key role in the case of production with the use of machines. Examples of manual work include the provision and removal of materials as well as other process-related operating times, not to mention the set-up, maintenance and quality control. If these tasks are part of the production process, they will have an impact on the cycle time. Therefore, a reduced actual plant manning level compared with the plan places the achievement of the production targets at risk.
By contrast, in some cases, an increase in the number of personnel in the production process can lead to an improved result. The unplanned costs to be incurred must be taken into account in the product costing analysis.
For all of these reasons, in manufacturing companies, the logging of both the machine and order times as well as the associated staff times and activities and their inclusion in a key figures’ calculation, is common practice.
In addition to the logging of the machine data by Cosmino, the logging of the staff times and staff activities at the work centers with the Cosmino Productivity module takes place. This function is also part of Cosmino MES Plus.
The functions of the Cosmino Productivity module include the following:
Assignment of staff time to the activity
Employees can log in at their work center for a corresponding activity. During the logging process, it is possible to differentiate between the staff time for production and maintenance, for example.
Mandatory login
To make sure that staff times are logged both correctly and reliably, ever since the current Major Release 7.110, it has been possible to set a parameter that only allows the WorkerPoint terminal to be used after at least one user has logged in. The logging dialog remains displayed in the login window until this requirement is fulfilled. It is possible to configure whether an operator uses a password or the personnel number when logging in and out. The login / log on can also be automated with the use of a personal RFID card.
Comparison of actual machine manning with target machine manning
Cosmino continuously compares whether the current manning of the machine corresponds to the flexibly configurable requirements.
Automatic logging of losses in staff performance output
If the production is slower due to reduced level of machine manning, a loss of staff performance output can be entered automatically.

Fig.: If fewer employees are active at the work center than planned (in this case, 1 of 3), the set cycle is reduced accordingly, and the actual slowdown in the cycle is logged as a loss of staff performance output.
Additional functions
This document only provides a brief overview of the key setting parameters offered by Cosmino Productivity. The scope of the functions includes an overview interface on the registered staff as well as expressive reports.

Cosmino PremiumPay can also be used to calculate a variety of performance-related wage rates from the staff times, machine times and operating data to be logged.
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