Incentive Wage

Calculation of Piecework, Premiums and other Performance-related Wage Types

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Incentive wage models which motivate employees are an essential part of the industry. To calculate different incentive wages, Cosmino records and checks operating and staff data. This wage data is then passed on to payroll accounting. Evaluations of recorded data ensure transparent assessment and control.

Areas of Application

In case of performance-dependent wage types (piecework wage, premium wage, etc.), payroll accounting requires the necessary wage data. Cosmino has the possibility of calculating different types of incentive wages from operating and staff data and to issue them to the payroll accounting system. Figures such as the OEE or workplace productivity can be taken into account for the calculation of premiums.

The operating and staff data required for wage calculation can be provided in the following ways:

  • Import from ERP systems or existing data acquisition systems
  • Cosmino data acquisition system

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



  • Recording of wage-relevant operating and staff data or transfer from other systems
  • Determination of production times, quantities and workplace statuses (faults, waiting times which do not affect the incentive wage)
  • Consideration of multi-machine operation and processes where several employees are involved at the same time
  • Calculation of performance, e.g. quantity output to actual production time (not attendance time)
  • Group wages
  • Special wages in which e.g. employees of manual workplaces are coupled with the incentive wage of automated workplaces
  • Mixed wages made up of several wage types
  • Validation of the determined wage data
  • Simple correction interface
  • File export of data for transfer through the payroll accounting software
  • Evaluations for piece work performance, employee attendance, etc.

Your Benefits

  • Professional calculation of performance, since process downtimes are eliminated
  • Time saving with automatic formulas and correction interfaces
  • Security in calculation through a validation during the data transfer/recording as well as after the calculation of the performance
  • No double recording/calculation of employee hours, since e.g. multi-machine operation is detected
  • Higher employee productivity with a more performance-based structure of wages and premiums

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