Skill Management

Cosmino Skill Management

The transparent administration, development and testing of the Skills required and available in the company by the employees is enabled by the Skill Management, also known as competence management.

In production, Skill Management ensures that the employees involved in processes and activities have the required Skills and thus the necessary qualification.

In this way, Skill Management contributes to safety and quality.

Areas of Application

Cosmino Skill Management includes the management of the required Skills for

Work Centers/Machines
Product-Work Center Combinations
Inspection characteristics from the SPC […]

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Online Dialogs

Cosmino WorkerPoint

Cosmino WorkerPoint is a browser-based and touch-optimized online dialog for software-supported activities in production. Online dialog is therefore usually used on the machines or other workspaces directly.
Cosmino WorkerPoint turns each workplace into a multifunctional collection and information platform which makes all the important information and functions of the Cosmino module available at the touch of a button. For this, each dialog is accordingly configured to the requirements.

Areas of Application

With Cosmino WorkerPoint, employees access a variety of functions and information […]

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Equipment Effectiveness

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Quality Assurance

Cosmino ProControl

A quality review of the product is a fundamental part of quality management. High product quality saves time and money, while improving the image and customer satisfaction. To guarantee this and especially detect errors as early as possible, quality is guaranteed with spot checks, statistical process control (SPC) and 100% tests.
Quality assurance should be centrally managed and carried out following consistent criteria.

Areas of Application

Cosmino ProControl supports quality assurance through planning (Control plan), implementation, documentation and evaluation of quality tests.
The […]

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Reporting & Key Figures

Cosmino DynaMon

Standardized reporting for solid facts is one of the most important tools for control of manufacturing and production logistics.

This key figures management system has already achieved benchmarks in some companies:

• Lowest requirement for user familiarization
• Lowest operating cost per generated analysis

Areas of Application

Cosmino DynaMon performs calculation and presentation of technical figures from production, as well as distribution and explanation of such reports and numerous other evaluations.

Cosmino customers benefit from a large number of prepared reports that are readily available […]

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Workflow Control

Cosmino ManufacturingManager

In MES-controlled production, Cosmino ManufacturingManager manages manufacturing and handling processes as well as goods movement in the factory. The predefined processing workflow of each product variant is controlled by the software and specifies the required processing for people and machines. Transport between the processing stations is based on communication with the transport systems (Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), Driverless Transport System (DTS), …). Poor quality is removed or sent for reworking.

The specifications for machines and transport systems are merely defined, […]

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Cosmino Traceability

Cosmino Traceability makes it possible to trace and track units in the Production department. To do this, the software models your process steps. Starting with the incoming materials, units, batches or order; all of those are tracked on their way through the manufacturing process and notifications are provided after each step. Especially in the case of customer complaints, the ability to trace components becomes crucial, as it will improve the speed of finding any affected products and triggering of […]

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Cosmino ControlCenter

Cosmino ControlCenter is an APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) to support production management through:

Visualization of the planned orders in the control center
Simulation or detailed planning of the orders against actual capacities

Areas of Application

Cosmino ControlCenter plans the entire production while taking into account the limited capacities of machines, tools, staff and material. Reasonable times for work processes and realistic delivery periods are calculated via a parameterizable optimization strategy (Prio A = adhering to the delivery period).

Furthermore, capacities can optimally be […]

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Machine Connection

Cosmino MachineConnector

The online connector for machines makes process and machine data available automatedly and directly. Depending on the age of the plant, information is taken over either directly by the control system or by an additional, connected sensor so that a signal is received for every cycle or part to be produced.

Typically collected machine data are:

Production quantities, reject amounts
Capacity, availability and reliability
Machine status (production, faults, tooling…)
Machine and process parameters, energy consumption…

In comparison with manual note-taking and manual input, automated collection […]

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Process Parameters

Cosmino ConditionMonitor

The automatic or manual recording of specific process and system parameters helps customers prevent failures and scrap during production.

For this purpose, physical parameters such as temperatures or pressures are recorded and monitored by Cosmino ConditionMonitor against the limit values. Archived process parameters are traceable and available for evaluations.

The data can additionally be consulted for machine learning algorithms and predictive analyses (Big Data).

Areas of Application

Cosmino ConditionMonitor monitors and displays process data which is received in real time by systems and […]

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