Machine Connection

Import Machine Data in Real Time – e.g. for Automated Downtime Notifications

Cosmino MachineConnector

The online connector for machines makes process and machine data available automatedly and directly. Depending on the age of the plant, information is taken over either directly by the control system or by an additional, connected sensor so that a signal is received for every cycle or part to be produced.

Typically collected machine data are:

  • Production quantities, reject amounts
  • Capacity, availability and reliability
  • Machine status (production, faults, tooling…)
  • Machine and process parameters, energy consumption…

In comparison with manual note-taking and manual input, automated collection of machine data is more objective, faster and less prone to errors.
If Cosmino MachineConnectors are not required for all systems, the remaining equipment can be manually entered via input dialogs. In this way, seamless transition from manual to automated data recording is possible.

Areas of Application

Cosmino MachineConnector is used for automated recording = online transfer of plant and/or machine data and makes them centrally available to other Cosmino modules (e.g. Cosmino OEE, Cosmino ConditionMonitor, Cosmino Traceability, Cosmino EnergyVision).
The transferred data are relevant for traceability, energy management, process data analysis and calculation of key figures, among others.

The plant speed is a basis for calculation: OEE calculations can be determined by recording of cycle signals. The cycle-triggering signal may be a quantity counter; however, the plant output may also be determined by length measurement, weight, number of containers, processes, etc.

Even if machine data are completely measured and recorded by the Cosmino MachineConnector, manual inputs generally still take place, e.g. for troubleshooting, quality reports, material booking, etc. This makes Cosmino a comprehensive software solution for numerous tasks in manufacturing – not only for machine data recording.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help


  • Transfer and storage of signals from the PLC via standard interfaces
  • Transfer and storage of machine data from external sensors
  • Transfer and storage of machine data via digital signals (terminals and small PLC)
  • Transfer and storage of machine data from data bases (e.g. WinCC, SQL-DB)
  • Identification of digital and analog signals
  • Validation of the signals
  • Comparison of data with limits and specified values
  • Data buffering in case of network failure
  • Transfer to the Cosmino data base
  • Communication with the machine, e.g. transfer of data matrix codes of components, adjustment parameters
  • Also allows control operations within the machine PLC
  • Easy connection and configuration of additional plants by means of standard interfaces and standard protocols, also by the customers
  • Assistance and instructions in the connection of machines by our experienced team

Your Benefits

  • Reduction of the manual data collection and recording effort and of archiving costs
  • Up-to-date information from and about your machinery due to real-time recording
  • Older machines or existing machine data recording systems can easily be integrated
  • Also possible for assembly work stations, provided that a measurable “cycle”, measured values or process parameters can be recorded via sensors and tools
  • Objective and complete data at any time; even “mini stops” are logged correctly
  • Utilisation of the recorded data for traceability purposes and condition monitoring
  • Reduction of the average downtime periods, since faster reaction of the service and repair teams is possible due to automatically triggered messages
  • Flexibility by means of modular open interface concept for connection of machine and sensor data (e.g. Ethernet connection, OPC, OPC-UA, Euromap, http/REST or proprietary interfaces, bus systems)
  • If required, we can perform the complete connection of your machines
  • Shorter implementation period and flexible use thanks to trouble-free online/manual “mixed recording”.
  • Transparency through real-time monitoring of plant status (completely integrated into the factory layout)
  • More reliable calculation, due to identification of incorrect planned cycles (optimization of plant speeds)
  • Real-time control of the factory
  • Up-to-date stocks through automatic counting of produced quantities and prompt reporting to ERP, also at the assembly work stations (appropriate sensors required)

Learn more about Cosmino MachineConnector

Learn more about Cosmino MachineConnector

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