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Machine Connection

Import machine data in real time – e.g. for automated downtime notifications.

Cosmino MachineConnector

The online connection of plant systems makes plant or machine data automated and instantly available. Depending on the age of the facility , information is taken directly from the control or from additional connected sensors. This is what ensures that a signal is received for each cycle time or produced part.

Facility data typically recorded are:

  • production quantities, produced good parts
  • capacity utilization, availability and reliability
  • machine status (production, malfunction, maintenance)

Compared to hand written or manual input, the automatic recording of plant system data is more objective and less prone to error. As the manual collection, management and correction of data is eliminated, work capacity is free for other tasks. Another important advantage is that down-times and malfunctions are transparent and can be swiftly responded to. 

Areas of Application

Cosmino MachineConnector is a module of the Cosmino Suite. Facility or machine data are automatically recorded and made available to other Cosmino modules (e.g. Cosmino OEE, Cosmino ConditionMonitor, Cosmino Traceability).

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Based on the plant system data transferred automatically, the OEE analysis is equally as possible as the traceability and logging of process parameters and product characteristics. At the same time, the information obtained can be utilized for continuous improvement.
In addition, Cosmino MachineConnector monitors the cycle signals, therefore in case of failure, maintenance can be immediately notified. The optimal facility operation speed can be determined through time-limited recording of the cycle signals.
Unique on the market is that the Cosmino Suite accepts automatically acquired data as well as manually acquired data (Cosmino WorkerPoint input or machine-readable documents) and treats them equally.

Your Benefits

Your benefits of using Cosmino MachineConnector at a glance:

          • Simplified and faster data acquisition and evaluation
          • Different data acquisition methods (online, manual, paper-based) can be combined and result in the same data structure and quality
          • Automatic recording of produced output and instant reporting to the ERP system – including data from assembly workplaces, if appropriate sensors are available
          • Objective and complete data – including complete and exact recording of “mini stops”
          • Modular, open interface concept for integration of systems or sensor data (such as OPC, S7 or proprietary interfaces)
          • Connection of additional equipment possible by the user without additional costs
          • Simultaneous collection of traceability data without additional effort or costs
          • Reduction of the average duration per downtime caused by more immediate response times of maintenance personnel
          • Real-time monitoring of the current facility status (fully integrated into the factory overview)
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