Quality Assurance

Improve Product Quality and Maintain Test Cycles

Cosmino ProControl

A quality review of the product is a fundamental part of quality management. High product quality saves time and money, while improving the image and customer satisfaction. To guarantee this and especially detect errors as early as possible, quality is guaranteed with spot checks, statistical process control (SPC) and 100% tests.
Quality assurance should be centrally managed and carried out following consistent criteria.

Areas of Application

Cosmino ProControl supports quality assurance through planning (Control plan), implementation, documentation and evaluation of quality tests.
The expansion with other Cosmino functions such as workflow management of production units (see Cosmino Traceability) or the monitoring of process parameters (see Cosmino ConditionMonitor) enables an even more effective safeguarding of the zero-defect strategy.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



  • Digital defect entry dialogs at the workplace (see Cosmino WorkerPoint) or entry documents in printed form (see Cosmino IntelliScan)
  • Inspection of physical properties such as width, weight and thickness with quality control charts
  • Inspection of subjective facts such as cracks, corner errors, etc. with defect log sheets
  • Integrated and extensive control planning
  • Transfer option of control plans from CAQ, PPS or generation of control plans from measurement data, such as coordinate measuring machines
  • Creation of control plans with which one can control the test process and define measures and responsibilities in case of discrepancies
  • Inspection activation at the Cosmino WorkerPoint Dialog
  • Inspection of the process capability index Cp, Cpk after each measurement
  • Formation of a control chart with monitoring of control limits
  • Linking of measuring devices (e.g. digital caliper gauge) possible
  • Visualization of inspection results
  • Transfer of values from inspection devices
  • Qualitative (= Attributive) defect detection with multi-level product image (also testing via raster)
  • Configurable warning messages for flexibly definable events
  • Evaluation of inspection results
  • Statistically correct results through integration of qs-STAT as a method of calculation
  • Export option of data to qs-STAT®, Minitab®, R®  and other statistics software

Your Benefits

  • Quality is assured and documented
  • Process capability and test results always in focus
  • Cost saving through earliest possible detection of errors (tenner rule)
  • Immediate reaction to process problems through Cpk calculation after every spot check
  • Transparent evaluations help to specifically reduce extra work and scrap
  • Quality data for data mining, e.g. to detect anomalies or outliers
  • Reduction of manual administrative costs for control plans, inspection orders, inspection results, control charts, evaluations, etc.

Learn more about Cosmino ProControl

Learn more about Cosmino ProControl

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