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Quality Assurance

Improve product quality and maintain test cycles.

Cosmino ProControl

To ensure a constantly high product quality many successful producing companies rely on Statistical Process Control (SPC). For this, standardized data acquisition and evaluation methods e.g. Quality Control Charts (QCC) and Error Log Sheets (ELS) are used.

Besides the direct impact on quality, such systematic validation of product characteristics, tolerances, etc. provides vital input to the continuous improvement process. The most important requirement for quality assurance is to centrally plan, perform, document and evaluate the tests according to unvarying criteria.

Areas of Application

Cosmino ProControl is a module of the Cosmino Suite. It can be used as a stand-alone SPC-system for statistical process control and test sampling, as well as in combination with other Cosmino modules for better business efficiency.

With Cosmino ProControl you can create test and control plans from an external source or system, automatically generate data entry documents, and send data to qs-STAT for further statistical evaluation.

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Cosmino ProControl performs the following functions:

  • Creation of test plans , transfer of data from ERP/PSS-systems or generation of quality test plans out of measurement data (e.g. from coordinate measuring machines)
  • Data acquisition via document scanning (workers fill out generated machine readable paper documents: quality control charts (QCC) / error log sheets (ELS)
  • Data acquisition via online-interface (touch screen-dialogs, avoiding upgrades of the SFDC-system in use)
  • Acquisition and monitoring of product and process characteristics
  • Analysis of test results
  • The creation of control plans is possible. Based on these the testing process can easily be controlled and measures as well as responsibilities can be defined in case of deviations
  • Reliable statistical key figures via direct integration with qs-STAT

Your Benefits

Cosmino ProControl presents the following benefits for your enterprise:

  • Easy import of measurement data from measuring equipment (e.g. digital callipers),
  • Seamless integration into ERP/PPS-Systems (automatic transfer of test plans),
  • Conveniently obtain key SPC figures,
  • Objective verification of the quality level reached,
  • Quick, cost-effective, and easy defect recording and analysis,
  • Streamlined collection and analysis of quality data (e.g. error log sheets) and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) data in one single document,
  • Minimal training effort through individual customization of data entry documents,
  • Automated document archiving and data entry, and
  • Configurable interface to qs-STAT
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