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Equipment Effectiveness

Objectively evaluate and purposefully increase effectiveness.

Cosmino OEE

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key figure, which describes the effectiveness of the complete production process. It is calculated by multiplying three factors:

  • Availability   (losses such as unplanned system downtimes)
  • Output rate  (deviations from the planned target  performance), and
  • Quality rate  (scrap)

Using the OEE key figure you can assess your own effectiveness relative to a defined ideal state at a glance.
Typically, downtimes and their causes are documented, optimization potentials are exposed, and quality losses are documented.

Areas of Application

Overall Equipment Effectiveness commonly known as OEE is a key indicator which describes the effectiveness of your complete production process. It is also an important tool when focusing on Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing or TPM. Tracking and evaluating OEE helps in identifying hidden capacity and cost drivers. It also actively involves the whole production team in continuously improving end-to-end production processes.

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Cosmino OEE is an excellent tool to complete the following business functions:

  • Define objectives: Improve degree of efficiency and efficiency in general, expose hidden capacities, increase ROI, and purposefully improve availability/output rate/quality rate, and much more,
  • Monitor the degree of target achievement and demonstrate it to customers and/or investors as needed,
  • Continuously and comprehensively evaluate the continuous improvement processes,
  • Expose improvement potentials,
  • Transparently communicate the improvement process to every employee, and
  • Involve employees in the process improvement in a motivating manner

Further important functions offered by Cosmino OEE are …

  • Data plausibility verification, as well as
  • Capability to integrate into the existing IT landscape (e.g. SAP)


Your benefits of using Cosmino OEE at a glance:

  • Acquisition of all relevant data: loss types and locations, error types and locations, cycle data, facilities (machines), products, etc.
  • Central data storage: all employees use the same master data catalog
  • Clear hierarchical data structure
  • Access for authorized employees only
  • Multi-language support: any number of languages are possible
  • Change management possible – even in the case of distributed systems
  • Automated plant data collection with time control
  • Typical standard catalogs are already integrated and can immediately be used
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