Equipment Effectiveness

Objectively Evaluate and Purposefully Increase Effectiveness

Cosmino OEE

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key figure, which describes the effectiveness of the complete production process. It is calculated by multiplying three factors:

  • Availability   (losses such as unplanned system downtimes)
  • Output rate  (deviations from the planned target  performance), and
  • Quality rate  (scrap)

Using the OEE key figure you can assess your own effectiveness relative to a defined ideal state at a glance.
Typically, downtimes and their causes are documented, optimization potentials are exposed, and quality losses are documented.

Areas of Application

Overall Equipment Effectiveness commonly known as OEE is a key indicator which describes the effectiveness of your complete production process. It is also an important tool when focusing on Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing or TPM. Tracking and evaluating OEE helps in identifying hidden capacity and cost drivers. It also actively involves the whole production team in continuously improving end-to-end production processes.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



  • For machine, line or manual operation workstations, in general, wherever a measurable cycle (piece/time unit, metre/time unit, speed/time unit, weight/time unit…) can be defined
  • Recording of all product-relevant operating data, such as products, tasks, machines, running times, quantities
  • Recording of machine status: Setting-up, production, waiting times, repairs, maintenance, plant downtime
  • Additional diagnosis of losses (malfunctions) during the running time, based on customer-specific loss type catalogues (e.g. waiting for material, waiting for maintenance, fault on the conveyor belt, unplanned cleaning…)
  • Possibility to indicate the area of loss with complex machines. Also ideal for recording assembly lines
  • Task-related recording, task can be downloaded from your ERP via an interface
  • Cosmino can send a completion message for the task and feed the operating data back to your ERP
  • Including a comprehensive report (see Cosmino DynaMon) with pre-defined reports; but also with the option to create your own reports
  • Recording of several machines on just one input device (PC, touch PC, Windows tablet)
    Checking the plausibility of the data
  • Warning messages can be configured to allow for flexibly defined results
  • Data recording can be done through terminals on the machine (see Cosmino WorkerPoint) either manually, or with support of a machine connection (see Cosmino MachineConnector)
  • Recording through machine-readable layer protocol (see Cosmino IntelliScan) is available as a cheaper alternative with lower hardware requirements
  • Taking over of already recorded operating data from databases or through interfaces is possible


  • Indicators like the OEE, NEE and TEEP present the entire system hierarchically – from the individual systems, to machine groups and departments, right up to the entire factory
  • Shift and daily reports for all systems, as well as comprehensive analyses of the recorded types and times of losses
  • The actual efficiency of your production and, more importantly, the unused, or unknown until now, potential will be made transparent
  • Down times, cycle deceleration, setting-up times and poor quality is all minimised. Efficiency is increased
  • It is possible to have an overall view of production where you can see whether machines are currently producing or why they are in downtime modus
  • Current information about the time remaining in the production task, good and rejected quantities and previous malfunctions can now be visualized for each machine
  • Quick reactions when malfunctions happen thanks to the adjustable alarms
  • Collection of operating data and feedback
  • Testing and optimisation of your cycle parameters for manufacturing one cycle unit
  • Employees are integrated into the process improvement
  • Fast ROI, as during the first six months an OEE increase of > 10% is often achieved

Learn more about Cosmino OEE

Learn more about Cosmino OEE

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