Skill Management

Manage Skills and Competencies and Check them at User Logon to Machine or Work Center

Cosmino Skill Management

The transparent administration, development and testing of the Skills required and available in the company by the employees is enabled by the Skill Management, also known as competence management.

In production, Skill Management ensures that the employees involved in processes and activities have the required Skills and thus the necessary qualification.

In this way, Skill Management contributes to safety and quality.

Areas of Application

Cosmino Skill Management includes the management of the required Skills for

  • Work Centers/Machines
  • Products
  • Product-Work Center Combinations
  • Activities
  • Inspection characteristics from the SPC inspection

When a person logs on to a Work Center, the system checks whether the Skills currently required there are available at the correct level and are still valid.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Assigned Skills_Ausschnitt-rund


  • Management of Skills for Work Centers, products, combinations thereof, activities, and inspection characteristics
  • Determining when the Skill is needed and checked in which Skill level
  • Assigning the Skill to persons from the organizational structure
  • Distinguish between different Skill levels of people
  • Monitor validity date for Skills of persons
  • Possibility of automatic renewal of the Skill whenever it is used
  • Comparison of the Skills required at the Work Center with the existing Skills of the registered persons
  • E-mail notification in case of missing Skills in the shopfloor
  • E-mail notification for expiring Skills
  • Confirmation of the activity
  • Manual modification of existing Skills, Skill levels or validities for several persons at the same time, e.g. after a training session

Your Benefits

  • High work safety and quality by ensuring the required qualification at the workplace
  • Develop Skills and abilities of employees in a goal-oriented manner
  • (Timely) identification of training needs for employees
  • Transparent overview of Skills and development potentials

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