Visualization and optimization of orders, Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Cosmino ControlCenter

Cosmino ControlCenter is an APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) to support production management through:

  • Visualization of the planned orders in the control center
  • Simulation or detailed planning of the orders against actual capacities

Areas of Application

Cosmino ControlCenter plans the entire production while taking into account the limited capacities of machines, tools, staff and material. Reasonable times for work processes and realistic delivery periods are calculated via a parameterizable optimization strategy (Prio A = adhering to the delivery period).

Furthermore, capacities can optimally be utilized to the fullest and can respond to changing requirements.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



  • Illustration of scheduled work processes per resource (machines, tools, staff)
  • Detailed planning on limited capacities according to the shift models of the capacities
  • Consideration of material requirements, orders, order proposals, procurement periods, transport and laytimes
  • Consideration of production proposals and external production
  • Automatic optimization in a matter of seconds according to the delivery period as well as 800 other parameters such as setup optimization, prioritization (manager order, important client,…)
  • Setting of orders and work sequences on fixed dates,…
  • Manual planning board (drag and drop)
  • Shows what has changed with the optimization run (e.g. in added orders or new optimization parameters)
  • Provides information about delivery period discrepancies
  • The bottleneck view shows the waiting time per resource
  • The capacity graph shows the utilization before the simulation compared to the available capacity
  • The customer order view shows which customer orders are ready on time or late
  • The current and expected downtime period of resources on the shop floor can be viewed in the control center and can be taken into account for necessary new planning
  • Flexible visualizations (timeline, colors, views…)
  • Frozen zone
  • Reduced view of the control center without editing options in the viewer

Your Benefits

  • Decision-making reliability through realistic and transparent detailed order planning against actual available capacities
  • Quickly ready for use, since each workplace does not require its own algorithm (clear priority model)
  • Cross-departmental planning, since the material flow does not stop at hierarchy levels
  • Forecast and optimization based on different parameters
  • Higher productivity through setup optimization and processing time optimization
  • Reliable delivery times for sales
  • Fast and transparent countermeasures when a delivery deadline is at risk
  • Response to bottlenecks (e.g. extra shifts) and overcapacities (e.g. free shifts)
  • Detection of optimization potential (high setup parts, bad performance rate,…)
  • Inventory control through the recording of the order start and the order end (see data recording, link to the data recording sector)
  • Simple and logical rescheduling, even without longstanding experience and in-depth knowledge (head planner on Holiday)

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