Audit Management

Plan, Conduct and Evaluate Audits Seamlessly Integrated into the MES Online Dialog

Cosmino AuditManager

An audit is used to systematically verify that a process meets certain requirements and guidelines. To ensure a fast and automatic evaluation of results, audits are supported by the Cosmino software.

For this purpose, the audit questions of a precisely defined questionnaire are answered on the basis of the actual state. The audit is carried out via the Cosmino online dialogs (see Cosmino WorkerPoint). An objective assessment of the audited process is carried out by compressing the qualitative audit results in addition to key figures.

Areas of Application

Cosmino AuditMan is usually used in combination with other Cosmino modules to objectify and automate all phases of the improvement process in the company as much as possible.
The improvement process benefits from this, since “soft” factors such as employee motivation can also be checked and documented with an audit.
Auditing is a valuable tool to objectively detect the need for action and to find improvement measures. The effectiveness of the improvement measures can also be assessed with audits.
Auditing also encourages sporting competition, as audit results are motivating many employees to improve their own performances.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



  • Create and organize the question catalogs
  • Different rating patterns (percent, yes/no, school grades …)
  • Individual rating keys for questions and question groups – up to questions that are irrelevant for the evaluation
  • Schedule audits for a workplace by calendar time, runtimes, order or change of shifts
  • Cosmino AuditMan can also be used for checklists (e.g. each order or change of shifts)
  • Appointment overview in the audit calendar
  • Roles (responsible, auditor …)
  • Results recording via own surface (also mobile access is possible), printed paper receipt or directly in the Cosmino online dialog of a workstation (see Cosmino WorkerPoint)
  • Entering free texts
  • Direct linking of an audit question/an audit result with a new measure or an improvement proposal (see Cosmino ImproveManager) – easily at the touch of a button from the audit surface
  • Confirmation of capture, optionally with entering a password
  • Audit result calculation according to calculation procedure, including classification and entry of a final remark
  • Printing the final reports
  • Key figure-based report on the degree of fulfillment of audits and question groups – with history (see Cosmino DynaMon)

Your Benefits

Your benefits of using Cosmino AuditManager at a glance:

  • Time-saving auditing due to the prepared, immediately usable audit and question catalogs – suitable for experienced auditors as well as newcomers
  • Deviations from the set point are objectively documented
  • Time-consuming discussions are avoided, instead objective comparability of audit results (based on key figures, see Cosmino DynaMon)
  • Highly flexible, as different audits possible: 5S, environmental, process, and system audits
  • Location-independent auditing, as three types of data collection are supported
  • Improvement measures can be set immediately during the audit (see Cosmino ImproveMan)
  • High acceptance at all involved persons through the objective and easily comprehensible evaluation process
  • Maximum transparency as audit data is accessible at any time: Audit reports, results and created measures are centrally stored
  • One-time audits show the actual state, regular audits (plannable for X runs or up to period X) show development trends

Learn more about Cosmino AuditManager

Learn more about Cosmino AuditManager

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