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Tool Control

Improve effectiveness of tool deployment by using service life management.

Cosmino ToolControl

The monitoring of tool use in production facilities achieves different objectives:

  • optimal utilization of tool lifetime/downtime (Standzeit) to reduce tool costs, change over times as well as unplanned tool changes to a minimum
  • monitoring of tool quality
  • monitoring of compliance with maintenance intervals
  • creation of a “maintenance history lifecycle file” for the tool monitored

Areas of Application

Cosmino ToolControl is a module of the Cosmino Suite. It monitors and plans the tool life and the utilization of tools making precise evaluations possible.
All data is made centrally available and at all times retrievable from other Cosmino modules or ERP systems. Thus Cosmino PreventiveAction using the Cosmino ToolControl data, enables preventive maintenance of tools to be initiated at the optimal point in time. Likewise, the use of tools by using Cosmino Traceability can be seamlessly tracked as well.

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Overview of the most important functions of Cosmino ToolControl:

  • Easy logging of even complex tooling used, including serial number for each production order or each production batch
  • Improved statistical evaluation of the tool life quantities of simple tools, such as drills and mills
  • Direct linking of improvement measures with the tools used
  • Unique ability by Cosmino ToolControl to accept both online entries via a touchscreen panel, printed, and hand-written forms. This allows for a particularly inexpensive downtime/lifetime management.

Your Benefits

Your benefits of using Cosmino ToolControl at a glance:

  • Minimal operating effort, as the use of tools is quickly and easily recorded at the production workplace
  • Higher production reliability, as the monitoring of lifetime and tool life quantities are automatically carried out in the background, and errors due to worn tools are avoided
  • Quality assurance, as tool selection will be cross checked with order specifications
  • Complete transparency, as all operations and maintenance measures are automatically recorded in an electronic ” tool lifetime file”
  • Quick and correct decisions through the fully automatic reporting of operations and maintenance (with Cosmino DynaMon)
  • Clear identification of each tool, as serial numbers can be managed in the master data
  • Cost saving, as it allows selective purchasing of optimal tools for to determine the most appropriate and longer lasting products from different suppliers
  • High flexibility, as it can be used for both small tools, such as milling cutters, and for sophisticated, customized tools, such as injection molds
  • An easy addition to your well-proven data collection for tool data because it can be collected by machine readable handwritten paper documents, as well as from online entries

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