Manage Tools and Tool Setups, Determine Tool Life and Tool Life Quantities

Cosmino ToolControl

By recording and analyzing the use of tools, various goals are pursued in production plants:

  • Optimal utilization of tool life in order to reduce tool costs, tool change times and unplanned tool changes to a minimum
  • Monitoring of tool quality
  • Monitoring of compliance with maintenance intervals
  • Setup optimization

This includes the entire tool as well as each possible and individually identifiable component of a tool.

Areas of Application

With Cosmino ToolControl, the tool is identified in addition to the machine and order runtimes. This verifies and archives the implementation of the correct tool (see Cosmino Traceability).

The tool data with tool life and tool life quantities are linked with other recorded data such as order, product quality, downtimes, etc. This enables targeted analyses with Cosmino Reporting and the subsequent optimization of uses and tool changes.

The structure of the tool from partial components can be recorded and each individual component can be evaluated individually.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



  • Management of Master Data
  • Clear identification of each individual tool and component
  • Recording of the tool assembly and the structure of its components
  • Logging of the tool used with serial number for each order/production batch
  • Plausibility check whether the planned tool (from the order or detailed planning) is used, or wether the tool is intended for this product and this Work Center
  • Display of documents, setting parameters, etc. for the tool (see Cosmino WorkerPoint)
  • Analysis of tool use and change in conjunction with other operating and machine data (e.g. product quality, items, process parameters)
  • Direct linking of improvement measures to the managed tools (see Cosmino ImproveMan)
  • Planning and activation of maintenance actions on the tool (see Cosmino PreventiveAction)
  • Recording of tool disassembly with definition of further use or necessary repairs of tool components

Your Benefits

  • Transparent tool management also for tool components
  • Minimal operating effort: The tool usage results automatically from the recorded machine data and the registered tool
  • Preventing incorrect use by identifying the tool
  • Preventing input errors when entering through identification options such as RFID, barcode…
  • Transparency and traceability of tool use and installed components
  • Optimization of maintenance intervals
  • Quality assurance: It is checked on the basis of the order specifications whether the correct tool has been selected
  • Targeted purchasing of the most appropriate tools via objective comparisons of long-term compacted service life of tools from various suppliers
  • High flexibility: applicable to small tools such as milling tools as well as to complex, customized tools such as injection molds

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