Adhere to Pre-Defined Communication Schedules Through Standardized Moderator Support

Cosmino MeetingManager

Standard regular communication describes the regularly occurring exchange of information with the following features:

  • The meeting content is standardized as much as possible
  • The meeting objectives are defined
  • The meeting time frame is defined

As part of the continuous improvement process, standard communication fulfills important functions, as it:

  • Controls and documents the information and communication flow
  • Allows the allocation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Bundles knowledge and thus assisting decision making and transparency

With the help of standard communication, process improvements do not happen by chance, but are systematically planned. Thus, they become a strong initiator in the continuous improvement process.

Areas of Application

Cosmino MeetingManager is the field-tested tool for systematic preparation, execution, and post-processing of your standard communication.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



Whether you would like to generate a sequence plan for your agenda items, retrieve required details at the push of a button, or require meaningful documentation of your conducted meetings, Cosmino MeetingManager can make the difference. With this software, you can improve efficiently and benefit from pronounced learning effects, as your meetings become more standardized and require less administrative overhead.

The success of the overall improvement process can be more easily verified, its progress is traceable at all times, and the frequency and topics of conducted meetings becomes more transparent.

Your Benefits

  • Standardized agenda items create binding objectives – this simplifies planning and prevents out-of-control meetings
  • Improved meeting culture, as precisely defined topics structure shorten your meetings
  • More efficiency, as relevant data is directly available from the agenda and through the meeting minutes (e.g. charts, audit results and much more)
  • No time-consuming note taking, as all meeting results are documented directly during the meeting and accessible by all participants in the automatically generated meeting minutes
  • Meeting minutes and tasks are centrally managed in Cosmino. As a result, they are accessible to every authorized employee.
  • All participants are motivated to actively take part, as achieved successes are discussed and can be transparently comprehended

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