Energy Management

Measure, Monitor and Improve Energy Efficiency

Cosmino EnergyVision

Cosmino EnergyVision makes it possible for you to improve your energy performance continuously through a systematic approach and thereby adhere to legal requirements and other obligations regarding energy consumption. With Cosmino EnergyVision as your energy management system, you can design your energy consumption flexibly and, for example, avoid expensive energy peaks.

Using energy in a manner that saves resources is increasingly becoming a decisive economic factor and is the foundation for successful energy transition. In the spirit of an energy management system in compliance with the globally valid DIN EN ISO 50001 standard, reliable and objective data about the energy consumption of machines and equipment is a necessity in order to perform meaningful analyses that lead to improved energy management and the identification of potential savings.

The combination of energy consumption data with production and machine data from Cosmino MES provides the basis for energy key figures per production order. This information is made available to employees in the form of comprehensive reports. In this manner, you can sensitize involved stakeholders to the use of energy in a manner that saves resources.

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An overview of the most important functions of Cosmino EnergyVision:

  • Recording and display of energy data and influencing factors
  • Reports and assessments
  • Monitoring system with warning feature
  • List of measurement devices with calibration information
  • Integration with existing software systems
  • Association of expected values with relative tolerances
  • Automated monitoring of measured values against thresholds
  • Warning feature (by email or text message) when threshold values are exceeded
  • Logging of values outside of thresholds with timestamps
  • Association of energy data with orders and PDA data
  • Creation and management of improvement measures


Your benefits of using Cosmino EnergyVision:

  • Energy costs offer enormous potential for savings and create a huge return on investment when using Cosmino EnergyVision
  • Image improvement thanks to sustainable usage of resources and the environment
  • Systematic energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 may offer relief from taxes or partial release from levies, e.g. based on the German Renewable Energy Act
  • Cosmino MES Plus is officially listed with the German Federal Office of Economic Affairs and Export Control as an energy management system that are eligible for grants
  • Objective evaluation of potentials for improvements and savings based on detailed measurement data
  • Time-saving installation based on the Cosmino MachineConnector module
  • Minimal setup effort, since all Cosmino modules can run using a standard Internet browser
  • Minimal training expense thanks to proven, intuitive operation
  • Appraisals can be performed directly at the machine, since the important energy consumption values will be displayed in real time
  • No additional expenditures for archiving the data for security inspections, audits, inspections and so on

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