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Cosmino EnergyVision

Cosmino EnergyVision is an energy management software package according to the worldwide recognized DIN EN ISO 50001 standard . The energy consumption of machines, components and other consumers (offices, hall lighting…) is measured and evaluated. In addition to electrical energy characteristics, this also includes gas, water, compressed air and many other forms of energy. Several energy suppliers can be assigned to a consumer, and vice-versa. However, meter values can also be distributed to several energy consumers via a billing system.

The visualization of the logged data (actual state) takes place in the form of clearly understandable graphics and charts, and as a history over the course of time. Reports in correlation with other production parameters, such as machine status, orders, products, etc. are used for the detailed analysis of production systems, in addition to histories of the measured values and special energy performance indicators relating to the output quantity.

Areas of Application

The Cosmino EnergyVision energy management system (EnMS) is ideally used in combination with Production Data Acquisition (refer to Cosmino Express and/or Cosmino MES Plus). After all, definitive energy consumption figures without any reference to machine use would suggest effects that are not correct. Only the connection with the production and machine data takes the relationship between the energy consumption and machine status into account.

The energy management can be supplemented with the Cosmino Measures Management (refer to Cosmino ImproveManager) and an Audit Management (refer to Cosmino AuditManager).

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help



  • Logging and visualization of energy data and influencing variables
  • Integration with existing acquisition systems and energy databases
  • Listing of the meters with calibration information
  • Assignment of the energy suppliers to energy consumers (m:n relationship)
  • Energy consumers can be machines, components of machines or even non-productive areas such as hall lighting or offices
  • Virtual meters to distribute the utility values to several consumers (e.g. consumption of the hall lighting to the machines in the hall) or to create virtual characteristics for measuring points to which no utility is directly assigned (no meters)
  • Logging and visualization of the energy characteristics
  • Connection of the target values with relative tolerances and limit values
  • Monitoring with alarm function if the threshold values are exceeded (for peak load management, for example)
  • Logging of limit violations over the course of time
  • Connection of energy data with order and PDA data
  • Energy consumption according to plant hierarchy, meter hierarchy and cost centers
  • Order-related energy measurement and allocation of energy consumption to products (Energy Foot Print)
  • Energy consumption regarding machine status (production, equipping, setup, downtime, deactivation…)
  • Creation and management of improvement measures (see Cosmino ImproveManager)
  • Online energy audits (see Cosmino AuditManager)


  • First-rate ROI, as energy costs offer huge saving potentials which are revealed objectively with Cosmino EnergyVision
  • Systematic energy management according to ISO 50001 offers tax relief or partial exemption from the EEG levy
  • Objective evaluation of improvement and savings potentials on the basis of detailed measurement data
  • Avoidance of high-cost peaks in energy consumption through peak load management
  • Connection of the energy data with the respective product indicates the machines at which the most energy-efficient production is possible
  • Evaluation of the savings potentials with extended machine downtimes (the energy consumption for each machine status also shows the auxiliary units of the machines, which are often forgotten)
  • Objective energy indicators, such as energy consumption per output quantity (Energy Performance Indicator, EnPI)
  • Improved corporate image due to sustainable management of resources and the environment
  • Cosmino MES Plus is on the list of eligible energy management software systems of the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control

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