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Preventive Maintenance

Schedule preventive maintenance at runtime, quantity and intermittent intervals.

Cosmino PreventiveAction

The aim of preventive maintenance is to improve system availability and minimize failures. For this purpose, inspection and maintenance measures are carried out, especially when possible before it comes to system failures or problems at assembly workplaces.

The maintenance intervals can be planned in different ways:

  • after an elapsed calendar period (typically)
  • after a certain plant equipment runtime (advantageous for irregular plant utilization)
  • for a given production volume or for example by the number of cycles

Ideally, the maintenance plan is such that maintenance is provided at the optimal time. The more precisely runtime and plant output and tools can be monitored and cumulated, the more reliable the optimal maintenance intervals can be observed.

Areas of Application

Cosmino PreventiveAction is a module of the Cosmino Suite. It allows preventative maintenance measures of production plants to be planned and documented. In addition, the runtime and plant output are automatically monitored and cumulated. Overdue maintenance measures are shown to the operator directly at the production workplace. (Cosmino WorkerPoint Module). These measures can then be selected at the next opportunity and carried out.

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PreventiveAction has a variety of functions. Here is an overview:

  • Description of maintenance measures (maintenance manuals)
  • Allocation of certain maintenance measures to areas or individual production facilities
  • Specification of individual maintenance intervals based on calendar time, runtime, and produced quantities
  • Monitoring and visualization of the duration of the maintenance measures as well as individual tools (e.g. injection molding) using Cosmino ToolControl
  • Planning of maintenance work taking into account the allocation using Cosmino ControlCenter

Your Benefits

Your benefits of using Cosmino PreventiveAction at a glance:

  • Reduce your unplanned downtimes
  • Avoid scrap or reworking as a result of tools used for over-extended periods
  • Stay away from unnecessary maintenance work on non-utilized machines
  • Allow employees to comply with the planned duration for the maintenance work (when exceeding planned times, reasons must be specified)
  • Strictly comply with maintenance planning through automatic reminders of overdue maintenance measures
  • Automatically record maintenance performed on facilities and tools (log book function)
  • Simple detailed scheduling for anticipated maintenance work supported by visualization on the advanced planning board
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