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Maintenance Activities

Schedule Preventive Maintenance at Runtime, Quantity and Intermittent Intervals

Cosmino PreventiveAction

The goal of preventative work is to ensure system availability (see Cosmino OEE) and the availability of tools (see Cosmino ToolControl) as well as to minimize failures or poor quality. For this purpose, inspection and care measures are performed before any malfunctions or problems occur, if possible.
By recording the runtime and the output of the systems and tools, the optimal maintenance intervals can be analyzed. Planning the measures with Cosmino ensures reliable adherence to defined maintenance intervals.

Areas of Application

The maintenance intervals can be planned in different ways with Cosmino PreventiveAction:

  • According to a certain calendar period
  • According to a certain system run-time or tool life
  • According to a certain product quantity or, for example, number of cycles

The Cosmino PreventiveAction measures are shown on the machine dialoge terminal (see Cosmino WorkerPoint) before the defined time and can be selected and performed in good time at the next available opportunity.

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  • Determine individual maintenance intervals (calendar period, run-time, quantity)
  • Plan and display the activities on the machine calender
  • Describe the maintenance activities (maintenance instructions)
  • Define the estimated time for the activity
  • Display all imminent maintenance measures in an online dialoge for each machine (see Cosmino WorkerPoint)
  • Noticeable flashing in the online dialoge depending on the due date of the activity
  • Recording of the duration of the maintenance measures
  • Storing any additional time as unplanned loss (see Cosmino OEE)
  • Confirmation of the activity
  • Possible support through checklists (see Cosmino AuditMan) or digitally stored or linked documents
  • Estimated / Actual duration comparison
  • Planned activities within the period do not negatively affect the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Recording of costs for maintenance work on a tool (see Cosmino ToolManagement and Cosmino ToolControl) is made possible by identifiers such as “Maintenance costs per cycle” or “Tool costs per cycle”, for example

Your Benefits

  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes
  • Avoidance of scrap or rework as a result of tools which have been in use for too long
  • Avoidance of unnecessary maintenance work on unused machines, therefore leading to the optimization of maintenance intervals
  • Time-saving: Employees are better at adhering to the planned durations for the maintenance work
  • Exact adherence to maintenance plans by automatically reminding about maintenance measures which need to be done
  • Interruptions in production process can be used for preventative maintenance
  • Only the target time for a measure is supposed to be recorded, anything over this is considered as lost time
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