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Measure Management

Link measures with metrics, figures and various data points for measure management in accordance with PDCA/DMAIC.

Cosmino ImproveManager

Detect and correct errors, generate ideas to optimize processes and put them into practice, prevent wastage:

Production companies use improvement management intensively targeted to reduce costs and improve quality.

Improvement management is all the more successful, the better the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Transparency: each person involved in the improvement processes gains an insight into the systematically collected ideas and findings (central
    knowledge database)
  • Objectivity: achievements and failures can be comprehensibly evaluated
  • Integration: Idea management (Company suggestions system) is smoothly linked with the central measure management module.
  • Motivation: Ideas can be easily, quickly collected and used without extensive training

Areas of Application

Cosmino ImproveManager is a module of the Cosmino Suite, where ideas and measures for continuous improvement are centrally collected and offers a well-proven workflow to process the measures.

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Cosmino ImproveManager measures and reports are closely interconnected. Be it a report about a key metric or an audit, with just one click you can directly establish an associated action that remains connected with the relevant piece of information, such as a metric, machine, tool, product, etc.

The continuous improvement workflow supported by Cosmino ImproveManagement includes:

  • Collection, evaluation and management of ideas
  • Definition of measures include
    –    Completion dates
    –    Responsibility (e.g. person, department)
  • Monitoring of target values
  • Escalation management through warnings for upcoming and missed deadlines
  • Transparent access to any data collected and measures initiated for all authorized personnel – even across different sites
  • Automatically generated final reports
  • Standardized processes and workflows according to PDCA, DMAIC or 8D

Your Benefits

Your benefits of using Cosmino ImproveManager at a glance:

  • Create and manage individual task lists for each person involved
  • Maximum transparency and knowledge-sharing through centralized data management
  • Avoid double-processing
  • Responsibilities and implementation phase of a measure can be checked at any time
  • Easy to use – relevant tasks are directly linked with fault locations and work centers
  • Accurate documentation with help of linked photo, video, and voice recordings
  • Less administrative effort achieved with this standard and easy-to-integrate solution
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