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Process Parameters

Enter and visualize process parameters in real time and issue alarms as needed.

Cosmino ConditionMonitor

If a production facility has sensors via a connection to the plant control system, the systems data can be used in various ways.

The most important area as a rule is the monitoring of certain process or equipment parameters. If malfunctions are avoided in advance or at least detected and rectified more quickly, downtime is minimized and the production process is optimized.

In addition, the recorded production data is analyzed in detail over the course of time, so that causes of malfunction are often very easy to identify and counter measures can be taken.

On the basis of these analyzes, optimal scheduling of preventive points of maintenance time can be objectively determined, thereby increasing production reliability.

Using the archived process data, the traceability throughout the operation sequences is guaranteed.

Areas of Application

Cosmino ConditionMonitor visualizes and monitores recorded online-process-data of the production facilities as an add-on module to Cosmino MachineConnector. 

The measured process parameters are represented as clear diagrams (floor plan or process plan), so that each person concerned can at a glance see the current status and history of the production equipment – whether it be employees on the machines, maintenance technicians or managers.

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An overview of important Cosmino ConditionMonitor functions:

  • Automatic transfer of target values for specific parameters from production orders (e.g. temperature, pressure)
  • Display of historical process parameters to facilitate the setup of machines when starting a production order
  • Linking of target values with relative tolerances, control and warning limits as defined within a Control Plan (optional selection of targets from previous orders)
  • Automatic monitoring of measured values against these limits
  • Automatic visualization of exceeded tolerances
  • Recording of limit violations over a course of time
  • Alarm function for limit violations (e-mail, SMS)
  • Linking process data with order data and SFDC data long-term
  • Archiving of process data in SAP MII (import interface)
  • Data export function (MS Excel, qsSTAT, Minitab)

Your Benefits

Your benefits of using Cosmino ConditionMonitor at a glance:

  • Avoid costly downtime by detecting problems at an early stage
  • Easy remote diagnosis for your maintenance department
  • Provide higher precision for workers to adjust their equipment
  • Time saving through simple, intuitive operation (integration in CosminoWorkerPoint)
  • Important process parameters are displayed in real time, on the systems monitor, as well as on the control chart
  • No additional expense for archiving data for process reliability investigations
  • Meet customer requirements by a simple and inexpensive monitoring of defined conditions like temperature and pressure in order-related formula specifications
  • Easy installation based on the Cosmino MachineConnector module
  • Minimal configuration effort, as all Cosmino modules are operated via a standard internet browser

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